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Information about Egress Compliant Window Wells
EGRESS compliance

If you have been considering a remodel of your existing basement or are building a new building with a basement you should be aware of your local building codes egress requirements.

ē · gress  noun.
1. The act of coming or going out; emergence, 2. The right to leave or go out, 3. A path or opening for going out; an exit.

Many municipalities are now requiring proper emergency exit from the basement and proper emergency entry by firemen and other rescue workers in the event of a basement fire.  So not only will your new Boman Kemp Window System beautify your home by allowing natural light into your basement, it will also provide an excellent way to meet your local basement egress window requirements!

View the Boman Kemp presentation on Egress.

View/Print Section R310 of the IRC code relating to egress requirements.

View/Print Section R303 of the IRC code relating to lighting and ventilation requirements.

Egress Code Compliant Basement Window Well System by Boman Kemp

Egress compliant Basement Window System

The Boman Kemp Window System is the premiere solution for taking the basement to a whole new level.  The complete system includes the Easy-Buck, Easy-Well, Double Insulated Vinyl Window, Safety Grate, Lexan Cover, and Escape Ladder.
 It meets and exceeds the Egress requirements of all communities.



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